Sunday, June 24, 2012

Classy Lady

When I arrived at my volunteer gig with the elderly today, I met a new resident who took my breath away.  I was first knocked out because she's black.  The residence has virtually NO black folks.  Including her, I think there are now three.  The other two are females, too.  Anyway, I first noticed her when she showed up for exercise class this morning.  She was elegantly attired for a workout and carried herself in such a refined way.  I didn't introduce myself to her during exercise class because I was too busy running around, aiding those who needed one-on-one instruction.  However, when it came to lunch time, I got my chance to talk to her.  She actually didn't show up for lunch until it was over. I just happened to be still sitting in the dining room, talking with another resident when I saw her sit down and order some food.  When I glanced her way only a short while later, she was exiting the dining room.  I knew she couldn't have eaten that fast, so I stopped her and asked her why she was leaving so quickly.  She told me she didn't care for Lox & Bagels.  I escorted her right back to a table and told her we'd order something else.  I told a couple of waitresses to bring her grilled salmon and steamed broccoli instead.  I have to admit, she was very short with the waitresses, so I'm glad I was there to smooth things over.  Anyway, she got the meal I ordered for her and she seemed really happy.  She told me she's from Chicago and that her husband and one of her sons had died.  She said she has a son in Burbank who persuaded her to move out here to Cali.  Truth be told, I think she's probably afflicted with dementia.  She complimented me on my attitude and kindness.  It's always great to hear those kinds of thoughts about me from others.  I look forward to learning more about her.  And I hope to meet her son soon.  I'm really verrrrry interested in hearing what he has to say about her.  What a class act! 

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