Monday, June 4, 2012

NoHo Park Gym Bunny

After waiting over a year, the residents of North Hollywood finally have our new, outdoor gym open for business!  Already, one of the pieces of equipment needs to be repaired, but that hasn't stopped the crowds from enjoying what's left!  I, for one, have heralded the coming of the new equipment for the past year or so, but find that I'd rather walk over to Woodbridge Park to use their equipment instead.  Why?  Because the pull-up bars at Woodbridge are more to my liking.  Well, today, I'm walkin' my butt over to the NoHo equipment and am determined to get a good workout in anyway!  Okay, the main reason I'm going to that one over Woodbridge is because I need to return a book to the NoHo Library which is right across the street!  So, NoHo Park, here I come!!!

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