Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Masculine Man's Polo

I've been riveted by the Olympics coverage of Water Polo.  Who knew that friggin' sport was soooo dang manly?  Okay, I suspect players of the sport knew, but I sure didn't.  I mean, dang, it looks like you'd have to possess some serious strength to play that sport.  Go, Team USA!!  You have a new fan!

The Message

Well, I showed up to yesterday's tapings of the game show dang near 45 minutes early!  Talk about eager, huh?  Lol!  Anyway, I wound up being an alternate and not used as a contestant.  I know that many may have taken the "slight" to mean I wasn't wanted as a contestant after all.  But, I took it the way I take everything I'm seemingly denied.  "Not yet, Cam.  Your turn up at bat simply isn't now."  But it will be!!!!!  And I had BETTER be ready when it is!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Real Talk

I'm gonna see this man early, tomorrow morning.  I hope & pray that by the time I leave him I'm a LOT richer!!!!!  

Flying High

The 30th Olympiad, aka London 2012, is underway and, as always, I love it!  Could sit in front of the television and watch all the competitions.  It's only during the Olympics that I actually get a glimpse of sports such as kayaking and judo and women and men's, beach volleyball, etc.  I always love men and women's gymnastics, though.  And this year, my focus is on a young man named, JOHN OROZCO.  He's from Da Boogie Down Bronx.  His parents are of Puerto Rican descent.  I believe he is of Dominican descent.  Anyway, his parents love him immeasurably and it's written all over their faces whenever he's performing and whenever they talk about him.  I wish Team USA the best.  And I hope & pray John wins a medal!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Real Talk

CORY BOOKER, Mayor of Newark, NJ, is one hell of a fella!  In regard to his quote above, no TRUER words have EVER been spoken!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

He's Movin' On Up

Yesterday, actor, SHERMAN HEMSLEY, was found dead in his house in Texas.  No foul play is suspected.  Simply natural causes.  He was 74 years old.

Oh, how my family loved The Jeffersons.  I'll never forget the premiere episode.  My mother, father, siblings and I sat in front of the tv and enjoyed every, single moment of the telecast.  It was the ending that really made my mother laugh out loud.  Years ago I met MARLA GIBBS, who portrayed The Jeffersons' maid, Florence.  I told her how much my mother loved her final one-liner in the premiere broadcast.  She chuckled and recited it to me word for word.  I've included it below.

Mr. Hemsley's performance as George Jefferson is iconic.  He was simply brilliant.  God bless you, George Sherman.  Again, I reckon you're movin' on up!!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Build Anyway

After a stellar, 46-yr career at Penn State University, Joe Paterno is now truly dead in the eyes of the university.  The statue erected on campus of his likeness was removed to make the healing process easier.  Or so said the powers-that-be of the institution.  Prior to the Sandusky atrocities, "Papa Joe" was almost a deity at the school.  Everybody, young and old, sang his praises.  Now, nobody wants to remember he was ever there.  And that's what gets me about this world in which we live.  People build you up to tear you down.  And they can do it in a heartbeat.

When I think about how swiftly Joe was demonized for failing to do more to protect the children Sandusky allegedly molested, I have to acknowledge the devastation the court of public opinion can rain down on any of us.  At any time. Yes, I wish the entire Sandusky debacle didn't exist.  And I also wish that Joe Paterno had absolutely nothing to do with any of it.  His professional legacy is gone.  Kaput.  Just like that.  Well, although a similar end could come to anyone who works his heinie off to build something great, we all must STILL adhere to the solemn advice of Mother Teresa:

"What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight; Build Anyway."

Monday, July 23, 2012

Running Scared


"The HERO"

The internet is abuzz with negative comments about one of the survivors of the Aurora, CO movie theater shootings.  The survivor, Jamie Rohrs, is a 25-yr-old, young man who attended the Batman movie with his  girlfriend, his four-month-old son and four-yr-old daughter.  When the bullets started flying, Jamie ran off and left his ENTIRE family behind!  He was frightened for his life.  I get that.  But as a result, he thought first and foremost about his own safety.  The thing that slays everybody is that he was initially carrying his son in his arms, but because he feared the baby's crying would draw attention to them, he dropped placed the baby down onto the floor and ran.  He didn't stop running until he was seated comfortably behind the wheel of his TRUCK!  WTH???

Luckily for the girlfriend and her two children, there was a 19-yr-old, young man, JARELL BROOKS, who WOUDLN'T abandon them.  He could have escaped unscathed if he ran when he had the chance.  But he didn't.  Instead, he remained in the theater until he could bring the young lady and her children to safety.  Ironically, though, he wound up taking a bullet to the leg.  The girlfriend wound up getting some of the shrapnel.  All are fine now.  But to add insult to injury, Jamie "The Runner" Rohrs had the audacity to propose marriage while she was in the hospital.  And she ACCEPTED!  WTF!!!!! --- See the coosome twosome in the video below.  And notice that they make NO mention of who ACTUALLY saved the woman and her children's lives.  Read all about them HERE!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Livin' & Lovin'

When I think about the tragedy in Colorado of a few days ago and any number of  other, countless atrocities, I truly see that I MUST live as joyously TODAY as I possibly can.  'Cause tomorrow, or even later today, ISN'T promised to me.  I'm going to take this thought and enjoy myself today at the home of one of my former co-workers, Anessa.  She's hosting a belated, birthday barbecue at her apt and I'm going!  Ordinarily I don't know that I would have, but of late, I truly see the need to fill my day with as much joy as possible.  I'm not sure what I'll bring to the soiree, but I am sure I'm looking forward to bringing MYSELF!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sage Advice

I SHALL!  I SHALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Another Senseless Bloodbath

Early this morning in Aurora, CO, hundreds of eager, theatergoers squeezed into a movie theater to see the long-awaited, summer blockbuster, The Dark Knight Rises---the third and final installation of director, Christopher Nolan's, Batman trilogy.  What they couldn't know is that, for twelve of them, the first five minutes of the film would be the last thing they'd ever see.  Out of the darkness in the theater came a 24-yr-old guy, James Holmes, dressed in a bulletproof vest, a gas mask and armed with not one, not two, but three firearms.  Within a nine-minute time span, he shot and killed twelve patrons and wounded more than 50.  Just like that, twelve people are gone.  Forever.

My solemn prayer is that the families of the deceased and injured find peace.  And that the obviously wounded soul of Mr. Holmes finds solace as well.  Hopefully time will tell why he chose to do what he did.  Regardless, the families of those lost will never have their loved ones back.  And, for that, I do feel for them.  God bless everybody involved in this tragedy.  And in regard to James Holmes, Father, forgive him for he knows not what he did.

CNN has the full story HERE.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Brother, Sister

Today I had the best chat with my sister, Honey.  We don't talk often, but when we do, it's always a marathon conversation.  Oh, how I admire her determination to live her life as freely and as joyfully as humanly possible.  She just recently welcomed the arrival of her second grandbaby.  And a fat-cheeked one at that!  Talking to her these days always makes me wanna live more courageously.  In the past, she used to be pretty dang overbearing, so I kept communication to a minimum.  Now that she recognizes and accepts that everybody doesn't choose to live as she does, all is well!!  I'll see her this Christmas when I go back to Indiana.   It'll be a blast to see everyone again.  I haven't seen most of my siblings since 2009 at Daddy's funeral.  I can't wait to see every, last one of 'em!!!!!!!  I thank GOD I have the brother and sisters I have.  They are truly such blessings!

"Stand up, brother, sister,
Hold on to the real things that matter.
'Cause no one is gonna hand it to you on a silver platter."

The Old Me

I stumbled across this exercise on Facebook just a bit ago.  I did precisely what the image directs and lo' & behold I "was" once the professor, Charles T. McCormick.  My given, first name is still the same!  Hmmm.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

His Revelations

I didn't know this man, but reading his own, self-penned obituary sure makes me feel like I did.  What a joy to read.  Humorous.  Tender.  Loving.  And real.  Gives me an idea to perhaps pen my own, too.  My takeaway from his writing is that we MUST live our lives as we want!  We MUST!  'Cause regardless the age we leave this planet, we're leaving too soon.  God bless, Val Patterson.  God bless him indeed!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Egypt In Studio City

Come July 30th, this ol' dude is gonna try his luck at winning some much needed moolah on a new, game show!  Okay, so it isn't so new.  Like it's namesake, it's been here for years and years and years!!!  Wish me luck!!!!!!!  Papa needs a...

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ah, The Sweet Sound Of Music

All those years I rode the trains in NYC and the time I've spent (and still spend) on them here in L.A. don't compare to the sweet beauty of riding the tube in Copenhagen.  On this one day, at least!!!!!!  I would've gotten off that train, thanking God for the gift of hearing.  

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Party Pooper

This professional and personal funk I've been in since 2009 HAS to end THIS VERY MOMENT!  Honestly, my talent management business is gone.  Fine!  My car is gone.  Fine!  My love life is gone.  Fine!  But I'M STILL HERE!  So, as long as I have breath in my body, I CAN make positive changes!  So, enough bellyachin'!  I've GOTTA get to the business of living the life I desire!!  The life I truly DESERVE!  So, I'm putting my current life on notice!  The pity party is OVER!!!  From THIS moment forward, I am PROUD to declare myself a...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sailing The Ocean Black

Frank Ocean

Much is being made of the liner notes on the channel ORANGE cd of writer/rapper/singer, FRANK OCEAN.  In them, he tells the story of once being in love with another, young guy.  Mainstream media and the black, celebrity blogs have had a field day, sharing his admission with the world.  To me, it's whatever.  I hope everybody finds love.  Heck, I haven't been too "lucky" in that department my dang self.  Anyway, Frank performed a song from the cd on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  The performance was quiet and subdued.  His vocals don't knock me out.  But, hey, in time I'm sure I'll hear other tracks from the cd and maybe he'll show me something else.  Until then, I wish him the very best!

Update:  I just read the lyrics to this song, Bad Religion, and I think I'm feelin' this kid now more than I thought I did.  I mean, he actually has something to say in this song!  Since he's classified as a "hip hop" artist, I wrongfully just dismissed him as a musical "nothing."  I now officially change my tune AND my mind.  This kid truly wants to use his artistry to help him (and US) work out "demons."  God bless him.  God bless him! 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rewrite For Your Life!

In the world of screenwriting, I don't think a screenplay is completely written until it has been filmed and on the big screen.  While it's on the written page, it is subject to rewrite after rewrite after rewrite.  Truth be told, all of my creations are subject to being changed until I have to deliver them to someone.  If I don't have to do that, they can change until I'm tired of looking at them.  Tonight I just completed only God knows what number of nights tinkering on a screenplay.  I'm tired of the piece now and am ready to move on to something new.  I've already gotten one version of it listed with WGA West.  Now, I'm ready to turn it over for a contest I'm entering it into in September.  Heaven help me and all writers, 'cause we honestly could write and rewrite these darn things until we gasped our last breaths.  I don't wanna do that.  But I'm sure I could!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Helicopter Ride To Success

Earlier this evening, my friend, Larry, and I were discussing how folks in Hollywood are always looking for an easy ride to success.  They'll go up to celebrities and/or people close to them, and ask for favors.  These celebrities don't know them or their work from a can of paint, yet, these desperate numnutz still expect the celebrities to put their own reputations on the line to assist them.  Well, in my 48 yrs of life, the one thing I know for sure is that your work will speak volumes louder than your voice.  So, DO the work!  Looking to hop a helicopter ride to success is a fallacy.  Heck, even lying on your back (or stomach) for a power-that-be doesn't guarantee you anything except...well...except NOTHING!  DO the WORK!

In a terrific interview with Film Courage co-founder, Karen Worden, filmmaker, Christopher J. Boghosian, sums up my feeling on this topic rather nicely!!!!!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

It Gets Better

I'm gonna shape up this tummy of mine if it's the last thing I do this summer!  I've already identified my target goal (see photo above)!  So, off to the park I go to get to it!!!!  Yep!

Friday, July 6, 2012


My beloved nephew, Charles, is now a doting daddy!  He welcomed his son, Mario Antonio, into the world a day or two ago.  The 9+ lbs baby boy was delivered by C-section.  Charles is ecstatic!  He is posting videos and photos all over his FB page.  I can't wait to get my hands on that baby, though, 'cause I loves me some chubby cheeks.  Charles used to have them when he was a baby and I loved kissin' 'em!!!!!!  God bless my sister, Honey, for now being the grandmother of two!!!!!

Very Perceptive Of Me

Perception is everything.  I haven't owned a car since April 2009, and, as a result, find myself walking all over the Valley, Hollywood, Los Angeles, Toluca Lake, etc.  I know to most, doing all that walking is insane.  And, I, too, could choose to view it that way, but I don't.  Instead, I choose to deem it a blessing!  And it's a blessing because I walk to the moon and back and don't experience one iota of physical discomfort.  I also walk and discover people, places and things I never noticed when I drove past them every day.  Truth be told, if I had a car, I'd drive it more often than I walk, I'm sure.  But until I get another one, I'm going to continue giving gratitude to God for my two, healthy feet!  No, walking isn't a hindrance to me.  It's a BLESSING!  At least, that's what this ol' boy perceives it to be!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Oh, Happy Day

Yesterday was one of the best, 4th of July celebrations I've had of late.  I spent the day at the lovely home of a married couple, Chris & Julie.  I played video games with their precocious, nine-yr-old son, Griffin, and his friends.  Then, spent the rest of the day in their delicious pool.  And I say, delicious, because they cover the pool with a solar contraption of some sort.  After they remove it, the water is a toasty 92 degrees.  So, none of that stick a toe in first, then a foot, etc., because the water is too cold.  With this pool, you just jump right in!  I absolutely loved it.  And I also loved the scrumptious meal Chris prepared for us: pork ribs, baked salmon, baked beans, whipped potatoes, corn on the cob and cole slaw.  Yum!!!!

Many of the cater-waiter folks I know probably worked for someone else's family yesterday.  And, truth be told, if I was offered work, I probably would've taken it for the money, too.  However, I'm soooooooooo happy God allowed me to spend the day the way I truly wanted to spend it.  Truth be told, I NEVER want to spend another holiday working for ANYBODY.  Regardless how much money is on the table.  I enjoy spending time with people I love.  And who love me.  Their love is all the payment I'll ever need and/or want!!!!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Disappointment Dance

One of my friends has been elated recently because he wrote, directed and produced a short film that he has submitted to damn near 25 festivals.  He was accepted into one, The San Francisco Black Film Festival.  He flew up to SF and wound up being woefully disappointed in what he saw in terms of the festival's professionalism.  The trip to SF also put an end to a "friendship" he had with another fella from TX.  Turns out that fella showed his heinie while there.  So, my friend wants nothing to do with him as a result!

My friend was hoping that his next film festival experience would be with HollyShorts Film Festival.  That's the festival for which I worked as a Q&A moderator last year.  I was hoping he'd be selected so that I could interview him at his film's screening.  Well, he hasn't called and told me he was chosen, so I'm thinking perhaps he wasn't.  If that be the case, I suspect my friend isn't feeling the absolute best at the moment.  I stumbled across one of the short films that was chosen to be screened at the festival and e-mailed him the trailer.  In all honesty, I think he'll immediately see a marked difference between the cinematography of that one and that of his own.  The other one most assuredly cost more than $1300 to shoot.  Most assuredly.

If it turns out my friend doesn't get into HollyShorts, it's on to the next.  He hasn't the time to cry over spilled milk.  Just wipe it up off the floor and keep it movin'.  Since this is his first film, I'm sure he clearly sees where he needs to work on improving his craft.  I wish him the best and hope that he doesn't allow this one rejection to take the shine off his bright future!!!!  God bless him!  Disappointment is inevitable.  But it doesn't have to be debilitating!  He just has to KEEP DANCING!