Thursday, July 19, 2012

Brother, Sister

Today I had the best chat with my sister, Honey.  We don't talk often, but when we do, it's always a marathon conversation.  Oh, how I admire her determination to live her life as freely and as joyfully as humanly possible.  She just recently welcomed the arrival of her second grandbaby.  And a fat-cheeked one at that!  Talking to her these days always makes me wanna live more courageously.  In the past, she used to be pretty dang overbearing, so I kept communication to a minimum.  Now that she recognizes and accepts that everybody doesn't choose to live as she does, all is well!!  I'll see her this Christmas when I go back to Indiana.   It'll be a blast to see everyone again.  I haven't seen most of my siblings since 2009 at Daddy's funeral.  I can't wait to see every, last one of 'em!!!!!!!  I thank GOD I have the brother and sisters I have.  They are truly such blessings!

"Stand up, brother, sister,
Hold on to the real things that matter.
'Cause no one is gonna hand it to you on a silver platter."

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