Wednesday, July 25, 2012

He's Movin' On Up

Yesterday, actor, SHERMAN HEMSLEY, was found dead in his house in Texas.  No foul play is suspected.  Simply natural causes.  He was 74 years old.

Oh, how my family loved The Jeffersons.  I'll never forget the premiere episode.  My mother, father, siblings and I sat in front of the tv and enjoyed every, single moment of the telecast.  It was the ending that really made my mother laugh out loud.  Years ago I met MARLA GIBBS, who portrayed The Jeffersons' maid, Florence.  I told her how much my mother loved her final one-liner in the premiere broadcast.  She chuckled and recited it to me word for word.  I've included it below.

Mr. Hemsley's performance as George Jefferson is iconic.  He was simply brilliant.  God bless you, George Sherman.  Again, I reckon you're movin' on up!!!!

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