Friday, July 6, 2012

Very Perceptive Of Me

Perception is everything.  I haven't owned a car since April 2009, and, as a result, find myself walking all over the Valley, Hollywood, Los Angeles, Toluca Lake, etc.  I know to most, doing all that walking is insane.  And, I, too, could choose to view it that way, but I don't.  Instead, I choose to deem it a blessing!  And it's a blessing because I walk to the moon and back and don't experience one iota of physical discomfort.  I also walk and discover people, places and things I never noticed when I drove past them every day.  Truth be told, if I had a car, I'd drive it more often than I walk, I'm sure.  But until I get another one, I'm going to continue giving gratitude to God for my two, healthy feet!  No, walking isn't a hindrance to me.  It's a BLESSING!  At least, that's what this ol' boy perceives it to be!!

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