Thursday, August 30, 2012

From Temporary To Permanent In One Gunshot

The entertainment world has lost yet another bright and shining light to suicide.  A couple of weeks ago it was film director/producer, Tony Scott.  Today, it was hip hop, music executive, CHRIS LIGHTY.  From all news reports, it appears he shot himself with a 9 MM pistol at his home in the Bronx.  And it appears that money woes might have been a catalyst.  Geez, you never know what people are thinking.  But what I do know for myself is that virtually every aspect of life is temporary.  I accept that fact and keep it moving.

Well, now that I think about it.  I reckon there is at least ONE aspect of the circle of life that ISN'T temporary.  That would be DEATH.  Or, heck, maybe we do come back.  No one I know can tell me for sure. --- God bless Chris and his family.  And God bless all others who believe that whatever they're going through now is something other than temporary.  Yes, God bless them.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Where She Is

Over the past four weeks, this ol' dude has made and seen some positive, life changes.  I now have a voice-over agent who regularly has me recording commercial/video game copy for submission.  I have put the wheels in motion to replace my former, book illustrator.  Damn, I love his work, but I just don't want to wait around any longer until he feels like illustrating.  Another guy I "met" via Facebook is considering my offer to collaborate with me.  I've received a positive word from him after he reviewed my materials, so we'll see what we see.  Although I'm still a tenant instead of a homeowner, I feel deep down in my bones that that, too, will be changing sooner rather than later.  It has taken me this long to FINALLY accept that we will BE what we have DONE.  So, I'm now DOING something!!!  Truth be told, I just got sick of earning very little money doing what I don't love.  Why not go for broke and make somethin' I WANT to happen actually happen???  Why not?  After all, I'm not gettin' any younger! --- ALL the positive changes in my life are coming about because I have decided to DO instead of just TALK.  I tell you:  if you wanna make your world a better place, take a look at yourself and make that change!!!!!  Yep!!!  

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What I Know For Sure

So let it be written.  So let it be done!

Reading Is FUN(damental)

As I work on the second, children's book of my JABARI READING SERIES, I have had to come to terms with the fact that my original illustrator-of-choice is definitely probably not gonna see my dream to the end.  He has drawn only four of 31 or so illustrations for the first book.  Terrific illustrations, mind you, but most certainly not on course.  We began our collaboration almost a year ago.  My mother used to always say, "I can show you better than I can tell you."  And he has shown me that my dream isn't his.  Oh well.  If he was the only illustrator in this country, I'd be in trouble.  But, luckily, such is not the case.  I've gotta find another.  Simple as that.  'Cause I'm going to see my books in the hands of children sooner rather than later!  So, back to writing!!!!!


As long as I have breath, I fully intend to maintain my stellar relationships with my two, BEST FRIENDS!!!!!!!

Perseverance:  steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles or discouragement.

Hope:  the feeling that what is wanted can be had, or that events will turn out for the best.

Monday, August 27, 2012

More Fit Living!

What the world needs now are more kind people and more fit people!  And this Canadian youngun is gonna do whatever he can to take care of the latter.

DAVID MOORE is a fitness trainer in Vancouver and I "discovered" him when the video featured below found its way onto my Facebook, news feed.  I watched it and was blown away by his dedication.  And his I-can't-believe-it's-real ridiculous body!  Anyway, since then, I've contacted him and dispensed some of my showbiz know-how to assist him in getting his message out to the masses.  The kid is truly remarkable.  Only time will tell what will become of his aspirations.  I'm not a betting man, but I bet David is going places!!!  FOLLOW him EVERYWHERE!  On Twitter!  On Facebook!  On Instagram: moorefitliving.

The Question Of The Day

The answer is a RESOUNDING:  He sure does!!!  But what we need to accept is that sometimes, His answer is...

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory

It's Saturday night and I'm sittin' here in my apartment, trying my best to make moves to get me OUT of this apartment.  What I mean is, I'm here recording voice-over copy for two auditions.  I've completed one and turned it in an hour or so ago.  I've got one more to record and turn in by the end of tomorrow.  This second one directs me to speak in a similar manner to Martin Luther King, Tom Waits or Kevin Young.  I'm not sure who Kevin Young is.  I've googled him and can only come up with a christian singer.  I'll aim for Martin Luther King Jr.

I went to YouTube to listen to MLK Jr and found myself listening over and over again to the video below.  What an orator!  And boy oh boy did he speak the gospel truth!  The man's legacy is as powerful today as his presence on earth was.   Maybe even greater.  Like him, I don't concern myself with my life's longevity.  I simply want my days on this planet to be as peaceful as they can be.  And I want to be instrumental in making others smile as often as I can.  I am not the superlative form of anything I am, say or do; however, if I've touched even one life and made the person feel good about being alive, I'm happy with that.

I am not the 22-yr-old, college graduate who saw endless, life possibilities ahead of him.  I am a 48-yr-old, college graduate who realizes that as long as I have breath in my body, I can make strides toward achieving whatever it is I desire.  One, small step at a time.  Yes, indeed, mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord.  And my truth is marching on!!!!!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Girl Power

Yesterday I read an excellent NY Times Magazine article about Venus & Serena Williams.  All I can say about them is, WOW!  Their interesting father has truly created two of the world's all-time, best, female, tennis players.  Ever!  And who knew that Serena lives part-time in Paris and speaks French?  I sure didn't!  Kudos to the Williams women.  They're sensational at what they do.  Simply sensational!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Live Strong

The day has come that cycling giant, LANCE ARMSTRONG, will be stripped of all his titles for winning The Tour de France because of allegedly using enhancement drugs.  Lance says that he is innocent and is dropping his fight to clear his names because of the legal costs and simply being flat out tired.  It must be noted that throughout his career, he never tested positive for doping.  Not once.

Whether or not Lance is guilty of doping, we will probably never know for sure.  Some of his ex-teammates say he did.  He says he didn't.  Whatever the case, there's no disputing that he trained hard and worked hard during the races.  His worth ethic was indeed admirable.  God bless him is all I can say.  Athletes' bodies the world over take a beating with continued competition.  It is my hope that he can now find peace and enjoy the rest of his life as a civilian who has family and friends who love him. --- Read the ESPN coverage HERE.  

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Young Love

Nothing seems to be more combative than young love.  Meaning:  young people who think they're in love can be incredibly cruel to each other when that "love" ends.  Take this kid, Tony Farmer, an 18-yr-old, basketball phenom.  He was sentenced to three years in prison yesterday for kidnapping, assault and other felonious crimes against his ex-girlfriend who wanted nothing to do with him.  I wonder if he thought going to her apartment and beating her up would make her come back to him.  Really?  Anyway, read about him HERE.  And check out his stunned expression and response to being sentenced for his crimes.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


You've abandoned me.  FEAR don't live here anymore.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Top Gun

Time and time again we see that a person can seemingly be sitting atop a mountain of riches, then, "out of the blue," takes his/her own life.  Such was the case today with prolific, film & tv producer/director, TONY SCOTT.  His deceased body was found submerged in murky waters in San Pedro earlier today.  He allegedly climbed over a fence, then jumped from a bridge.  Supposedly he left a suicide note either in his car or his office.  In time, the public will probably find out the contents of said note.  Regardless, he has a wife and two, precious, young sons who will live forevermore without him.

At this very moment in my own life, I am well aware that I am teetering on the brink of financial ruin.  Haaaa!  Teetering my brown behind!  I'm in the THROES of it!!!  But, for whatever reason, I STILL have HOPE that I'll see a brighter day.  I suspect that's what separates the LIVING from the DEAD.  The moment we lose hope, we're dead.  And, for me, death ISN'T an option I'm selecting just yet.  Maybe one day I'll feel I'd rather be there than here.  But TODAY isn't that day.

I wish Tony Scott's family and friends well.  And I hope and pray his soul has now embraced the peace that obviously eluded it before today. 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Home, Sweet, Sweet Home

Boy, oh boy, do I LIKE, LIKE, LIKE this house & grounds!!!!
Tour it HERE.

Fun & Games

Last night, I finally met up for drinks with my former tenant, Gilbert.  He now lives some 60+ miles away from North Hollywood, so I see him infrequently.  Whenever we get together, though, it's always at a haunt in Toluca Lake, LUCY'S 51.  The place is relaxed, comfortable, features live entertainment and seems to be a haven for friendly folks over 21 yrs old!  Yippee!!!!  Anyway, Gilbert and I like to sit at the end of the bar and just chat up whomever is around us.  Older women usually gravitate toward him.  My 48 yrs must be a little "too mature" for them, because he manages to entertain the "seasoned" chicks in numbers.  He's a happily married man, so the attention by Mas & Grandmas Kettle simply flatter him.  Good for him!  Last night's band played rockabilly and I loved every second of it.  I spent a grand total of $17.00 all night.  Not bad for most, but, for me, it was counting pennies.  All in all, a great time was had by all.  And I'm sure we're due another outing in another two or three months!!!!

Onward & Upward, Homie

I know I'm EXCELLENT at moderating film screenings.  I know it comes as naturally to me as breathing.  I know this.  The HollyShorts Film Festival is over! Done!  Kaput!  Not to return until August 2013!  So...what's next?  What do I do until then to satiate my professional leanings and put some much-needed moolah into my pockets & bank account???  Well, here's the deal:  pushing irrational fear aside, I AM going to work as moderator for film/tv companies.  I AM going to tour with my children's books.  I AM going to produce, direct and film my short film, SILVER LININGS!  Why not?????

Friday, August 17, 2012

Florence Betta SING!!!!

I just stumbled upon this version of Drake & Rihanna's song, TAKE CARE, performed by FLORENCE + THE MACHINE.  WOWWWWWW!  I cannot STOP listening to it!  Yes, this third vodka/o.j. has me feelin' some kinda way.  But, like my mama, MISS JUANITA, used to say: "A drunk man tells you his sober thoughts."  I LOVE this version of this song!  Just LOVE it!!!  Sinnnnnng, FLORENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bittersweet Goodbye

The HollyShorts Film Festival closed last night and I have to admit that that gives me a bittersweet feeling.  Although I was a volunteer with the festival, I took my moderating gig as seriously as I would any paying gig.  I could clearly see the difference between the other moderators and me.  I took copious notes as the films played so that I could ask questions that pertained to the specific film.  My intention was to make the filmmaker leave my presence, feeling like he/she was as important and celebrated as George Clooney.  I didn't record my Q&A sessions, though, and that's silly on my part because I need the taped footage.  If I'm blessed to be alive next year during the event, I'll tape every session.  I enjoyed myself.  I truly did.  And I hope & pray the filmmakers I met felt as appreciated & welcomed as they were by me.

Oh, I've gotta say that one of my most fave documentaries screened at the festival was called, BO.  It was about the life and eventual death of a charismatic lawyer from FL, named, Bo Hitchcock, who was failed by esophageal cancer.  What a class act he was!  The documentary was created by his nephew, Dave Schwep.  It was simply HEARTWARMING and HEARTBREAKING in equal measure.  God bless, Bo.  And God blessed the world with Bo's existence for  some 60-something yrs!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Good Girls Go To Heaven

Yesterday marked the end of an era.  The death of the original, Cosmo Girl, HELEN GURLEY BROWN.  She was 90 years young.

I'll always remember her as a gracious woman who allowed me to interview her for my first, celebrity interview reel.  I had orginally "booked" Gladys Knight, or so I thought, but that fell through.  Then, I received the okay from fashion designer icon, RALPH LAUREN.  Well, although I was flattered that Ralph would sit down with me, it was Helen who interested me more.  And I was drawn to her because she was a woman who proudly announced that she wasn't adhering to any of the double standards that men place upon women.  She liked sex (whether she was married or not) and she wasn't afraid to admit it.

I distinctly recall heading up to her office back in '97 with my beloved friend, Madeline, and a professional camerawoman.  Heck, I paid that camerawoman $1,000 to film me.  Anyway, Madeline held up cue cards during the interview so I would remember my questions.  And we did it.  Helen was open and honest.  She allowed me to ask her whatever I wanted.  And I did just that.  I enjoyed every, single moment.

When the interview took place, Helen had only recently been removed from the helm of Cosmopolitan Magazine and given an honorary title of sorts for the international division of the publication.  It was obvious to me that she would have relished running Cosmo until she dropped dead at her desk.  I'm happy that isn't how things turned out.  God rest her soul.  She is now free to rejoin her hubby, David, and enjoy doing whatever it was they enjoyed doing while here on Earth.  

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tyshawn Bryant's Green Regimen

The Green Regimen movement on YouTube & Facebook is strongly advocating that every household make delicious, green smoothies for their body's nutritional well-being.  My good ol' pal, TYSHAWN BRYANT, created the site.  And his abs (pictured above) CLEARLY illustrate that drinking delicious, green smoothies does a tummy proud!!!!!  

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Color, Green, Ain't For Everybody

Kellie Wells

Dawn Harper

LoLo Jones

LoLo, Dawn & Kellie

Much has been spoken and written lately about the obvious envy Olympic medal holders, Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells, harbor toward their USA teammate, LoLo Jones.  Dawn just won a Silver medal in the 110M hurdles.  Kellie won the Bronze.  LoLo finished in fourth place.  However, news outlets wanted to talk to LoLo more than to the winners.  And Dawn and Kellie don't like that one bit.  Okay, ladies, DEAL with it!  It's not LoLo's fault that people find her to be pretty.  It's not her fault that sponsors and advertisers and news reporters and photographers would rather talk to her than to you.  It just is what it is.  What it has always been.  He or she who is deemed better-looking than most, gets the attention.  Period!  Be thankful for what you've achieved and keep it movin'.  'Cause, truth be told, just because you win a medal doesn't mean ANYBODY owes you a darn thing!  Heck, I hope LoLo books some more, lucrative gigs after these games.  And you know why?  'Cause I like LOOKING at her!  BOOM!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

His Smiling Face

This little baby just makes me SMILE!!!!!!  God bless him!!!  And God blesses US when we smile at everyone we encounter!

No one can tell me that I'm doing wrong today whenever I see you smile at ME!

Guilty Pleasure

I am a proud American and wouldn't want to live in any other country.  Period.  Now that I've made that disclaimer, I have to admit that while watching The Olympics' Track & Field events, I CANNOT stop myself from rooting for Jamaica's USAIN BOLT!  The man's athleticism and terrific personality compel me to hope he wins every time the start pistol blasts!  His 100m final the other day was simply sensational!!!  Since I'm an American, a part of me feels sooooo dang guilty about rooting for him.  But you know what?  I don't care.  I like what I like.  And I like USAIN "Lightning" BOLT!!!!!!  And I hope he wins EVERY, dang race he races!!!!

P.S.  I sure hope Tyson Gay, et al., don't read this post!  Haaa!

Monday, August 6, 2012

On To The Next Adventure

My performance on the game show was, shall we say, interesting.  Yes, that's what we'll say.  :) :) :) :)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

He Likes It. Hey, Mikey!

Yesterday I finally got around to seeing the film, MAGIC MIKE.  No, it isn't going to be nominated for any Oscars for acting or storytelling.  And, you know what?  It doesn't need to be!  It was entertaining enough to delight an audience nonetheless!  Yes, there was eye candy for days if you're in to lean and muscularly defined male bodies!  I have to admit, though, I was a little taken aback that there wasn't ONE, non-white dancer or customer in the entire film, though!  But that's a different blog post!  The film was fine for what it was.

The gentleman who invited me to this screening told me he's gonna buy the Blu-ray disc of the film and download a song or two from its soundtrack.  Good for him.  Channing Tatum looked great and was really likable in his role.  Adam Rodriguez, from CSI:MIAMI, looked like a million bucks, too.  I hope to see him in more film roles over the years.  This was only the second time I've seen him on the big screen.  And, oh, Matthew McConaughey couldn't have asked for a better-suited role.  I mean, surely he just woke up in the mornings during filming, rolled out of bed, and improvised!  The dude has the sexy, beach bum character down to a science!!!!  All in all, I had a good time!!  But, yes, I still wish a hot, young brotha could've been added to the mix.  And I know just the hot, young black guy producers should call for MAGIC MIKE 2!!!!!
Jeantique Oriol

The Girl Of My Dreams

My most favorite, television show of ALL-TIME was, ROSEANNE.  Oh, how I loved her and the entire, fictitious, Conner clan!!!!!  Comedy Central is broadcasting a celebrity roast of her next Sunday.  I tried to get free tkts to be in the audience, but no such luck.  I don't have cable, but I'm gonna find a way to watch the darn show!!!  I just know everybody will be a hoot!

I loved ROSEANNE so much because the characters were people I could know.  Heck, they were people I DID know!  With me, I enjoy theater, films & tv when the project is about people I could know.  When special effects are what sells the thing, I'm 100% disinterested!  I reckon some folks could argue that I shouldn't have loved the film, BABE, as much as I did since special effects were all over the film.  Well, that's true, but the animals talked like humans and behaved as humans so, once I suspended the disbelief that they weren't humans, it was all good!  That film is one of my favorites, by the way!

Over the years, Roseanne Barr has seen her share of ups and downs.  Fame and fortune weren't always the best thing that could've happened to her.  However, at 59, she's bounced back and seems to be living a terrific life!  I wish her the best.  She has brought me many a smile over the years!!!!  I might as well face the fact:  CAM Jr loves him some "poor, white trash."  Just LOVE 'em!!!!