Friday, August 17, 2012

Bittersweet Goodbye

The HollyShorts Film Festival closed last night and I have to admit that that gives me a bittersweet feeling.  Although I was a volunteer with the festival, I took my moderating gig as seriously as I would any paying gig.  I could clearly see the difference between the other moderators and me.  I took copious notes as the films played so that I could ask questions that pertained to the specific film.  My intention was to make the filmmaker leave my presence, feeling like he/she was as important and celebrated as George Clooney.  I didn't record my Q&A sessions, though, and that's silly on my part because I need the taped footage.  If I'm blessed to be alive next year during the event, I'll tape every session.  I enjoyed myself.  I truly did.  And I hope & pray the filmmakers I met felt as appreciated & welcomed as they were by me.

Oh, I've gotta say that one of my most fave documentaries screened at the festival was called, BO.  It was about the life and eventual death of a charismatic lawyer from FL, named, Bo Hitchcock, who was failed by esophageal cancer.  What a class act he was!  The documentary was created by his nephew, Dave Schwep.  It was simply HEARTWARMING and HEARTBREAKING in equal measure.  God bless, Bo.  And God blessed the world with Bo's existence for  some 60-something yrs!!

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