Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Good Girls Go To Heaven

Yesterday marked the end of an era.  The death of the original, Cosmo Girl, HELEN GURLEY BROWN.  She was 90 years young.

I'll always remember her as a gracious woman who allowed me to interview her for my first, celebrity interview reel.  I had orginally "booked" Gladys Knight, or so I thought, but that fell through.  Then, I received the okay from fashion designer icon, RALPH LAUREN.  Well, although I was flattered that Ralph would sit down with me, it was Helen who interested me more.  And I was drawn to her because she was a woman who proudly announced that she wasn't adhering to any of the double standards that men place upon women.  She liked sex (whether she was married or not) and she wasn't afraid to admit it.

I distinctly recall heading up to her office back in '97 with my beloved friend, Madeline, and a professional camerawoman.  Heck, I paid that camerawoman $1,000 to film me.  Anyway, Madeline held up cue cards during the interview so I would remember my questions.  And we did it.  Helen was open and honest.  She allowed me to ask her whatever I wanted.  And I did just that.  I enjoyed every, single moment.

When the interview took place, Helen had only recently been removed from the helm of Cosmopolitan Magazine and given an honorary title of sorts for the international division of the publication.  It was obvious to me that she would have relished running Cosmo until she dropped dead at her desk.  I'm happy that isn't how things turned out.  God rest her soul.  She is now free to rejoin her hubby, David, and enjoy doing whatever it was they enjoyed doing while here on Earth.  

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