Thursday, August 23, 2012

Live Strong

The day has come that cycling giant, LANCE ARMSTRONG, will be stripped of all his titles for winning The Tour de France because of allegedly using enhancement drugs.  Lance says that he is innocent and is dropping his fight to clear his names because of the legal costs and simply being flat out tired.  It must be noted that throughout his career, he never tested positive for doping.  Not once.

Whether or not Lance is guilty of doping, we will probably never know for sure.  Some of his ex-teammates say he did.  He says he didn't.  Whatever the case, there's no disputing that he trained hard and worked hard during the races.  His worth ethic was indeed admirable.  God bless him is all I can say.  Athletes' bodies the world over take a beating with continued competition.  It is my hope that he can now find peace and enjoy the rest of his life as a civilian who has family and friends who love him. --- Read the ESPN coverage HERE.  

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