Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Color, Green, Ain't For Everybody

Kellie Wells

Dawn Harper

LoLo Jones

LoLo, Dawn & Kellie

Much has been spoken and written lately about the obvious envy Olympic medal holders, Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells, harbor toward their USA teammate, LoLo Jones.  Dawn just won a Silver medal in the 110M hurdles.  Kellie won the Bronze.  LoLo finished in fourth place.  However, news outlets wanted to talk to LoLo more than to the winners.  And Dawn and Kellie don't like that one bit.  Okay, ladies, DEAL with it!  It's not LoLo's fault that people find her to be pretty.  It's not her fault that sponsors and advertisers and news reporters and photographers would rather talk to her than to you.  It just is what it is.  What it has always been.  He or she who is deemed better-looking than most, gets the attention.  Period!  Be thankful for what you've achieved and keep it movin'.  'Cause, truth be told, just because you win a medal doesn't mean ANYBODY owes you a darn thing!  Heck, I hope LoLo books some more, lucrative gigs after these games.  And you know why?  'Cause I like LOOKING at her!  BOOM!

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