Sunday, August 19, 2012

Top Gun

Time and time again we see that a person can seemingly be sitting atop a mountain of riches, then, "out of the blue," takes his/her own life.  Such was the case today with prolific, film & tv producer/director, TONY SCOTT.  His deceased body was found submerged in murky waters in San Pedro earlier today.  He allegedly climbed over a fence, then jumped from a bridge.  Supposedly he left a suicide note either in his car or his office.  In time, the public will probably find out the contents of said note.  Regardless, he has a wife and two, precious, young sons who will live forevermore without him.

At this very moment in my own life, I am well aware that I am teetering on the brink of financial ruin.  Haaaa!  Teetering my brown behind!  I'm in the THROES of it!!!  But, for whatever reason, I STILL have HOPE that I'll see a brighter day.  I suspect that's what separates the LIVING from the DEAD.  The moment we lose hope, we're dead.  And, for me, death ISN'T an option I'm selecting just yet.  Maybe one day I'll feel I'd rather be there than here.  But TODAY isn't that day.

I wish Tony Scott's family and friends well.  And I hope and pray his soul has now embraced the peace that obviously eluded it before today. 

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