Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Where She Is

Over the past four weeks, this ol' dude has made and seen some positive, life changes.  I now have a voice-over agent who regularly has me recording commercial/video game copy for submission.  I have put the wheels in motion to replace my former, book illustrator.  Damn, I love his work, but I just don't want to wait around any longer until he feels like illustrating.  Another guy I "met" via Facebook is considering my offer to collaborate with me.  I've received a positive word from him after he reviewed my materials, so we'll see what we see.  Although I'm still a tenant instead of a homeowner, I feel deep down in my bones that that, too, will be changing sooner rather than later.  It has taken me this long to FINALLY accept that we will BE what we have DONE.  So, I'm now DOING something!!!  Truth be told, I just got sick of earning very little money doing what I don't love.  Why not go for broke and make somethin' I WANT to happen actually happen???  Why not?  After all, I'm not gettin' any younger! --- ALL the positive changes in my life are coming about because I have decided to DO instead of just TALK.  I tell you:  if you wanna make your world a better place, take a look at yourself and make that change!!!!!  Yep!!!  

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