Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Closer WALK With Thee

Yesterday was my first day workin' for the production company of a certain, CBS, reality show.  I'm off today, but will be back tomorrow morning at 8 AM.  What did I think of my first day?  Actually, it was interesting.  My official job title is, "Handler."  That means I'm a chaperone of sorts to one of the contestants.  I sit with him in his dressing room and walk him here and there.  I closed out the night by walking him to his hotel room and making sure he was safe and sound inside before I left.  He's a terrific guy.  Full of life and ambition.  I wish the best for him.  Although the gig pays peanuts, I'm gonna squeeze every bit of joy out of it as humanly possible.

After I signed out last night, I walked home.  Yep, you heard me right.  Walked home.  And by most folks' standards, the walk wasn't a short one.  In fact, according to Mapquest, it was 3.92 miles.  Of course, throughout that walk home, I sang to myself and talked to myself and observed all the interesting sights and sounds the "after 2 AM" world has to offer.  I made it home safely.  And soundly.  And thankfully.  No, when I can afford it, I will probably not choose long walks over driving.  However, until that time comes, I truly and wholly and deeply thank God for giving me the legs and feet and stamina to walk wherever I choose to go.  You see, I know I'm never walking ALONE.

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