Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hollywood To Dollywood

Today I treated myself to a delightful, little documentary, HOLLYWOOD TO DOLLYWOOD.  It told the story of two, gay, twin brothers from North Carolina who rented an RV in Hollywood and drove across the country to Tennessee to meet Dolly Parton at her Dollywood Theme Park.  They wanted to give her a film script they had written especially for her.  The documentary was directed by, JOHN LAVIN.  I know John because he and I did the cater-waiter thing together back in NYC.  Now, I think he edits film and/or tv.  Oh, and directs at least one documentary.  All in all, I found the piece to be really uplifting as the brothers hope that Dolly will star in their film and that their religious mom and dad will one day come to terms with the boys' homosexuality.  If I should ever run into them here in L.A. anytime soon, I'm gonna ask them how their mom reacted to the film.  That is, if she even saw it.  Bravo to them for getting it made.  Bravo to John for directing and editing it.  And bravo to the amazing Dolly Parton for allowing them to use 14 or so of her songs WITHOUT having to pay her a fortune!  Or anything at all, I've heard!

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