Sunday, September 9, 2012

Upward Bound

2009 saw me take the biggest blows of my life to my ego and wallet and yet I'm STILL standing!  Truth be told, things are lookin' up for this ol' dude!  Before too long, I'm gonna be BIGGER & BETTER than ever before.  Heck, I predict with confidence that sooner, rather than later, I'll even be a first-time homeOWNER instead of a renter!!!  Yep!  I feel it deep down in my bones.  And I'll be traveling the states to visit with all the people I love but haven't visited because of lack of sufficient funds.  Haa!  Sound just like a bounced check notice, don't I?  Lol!

All jokes aside, my life is seeing a reversal of professional and financial fortunes because I finally placed my debilitating pride into my back pocket and asked for assistance.  I never want to ask anyone for anything, but I've finally had to accept the fact that no one can rise to the moon without the assistance of others.  At least, I know I can't.  So, I wanna take this opportunity to thank my guardian angel:  L. VICTORIA THOMAS.  Thank you, Victoria, for showing me the power of FRIENDSHIP.  Thank you from the bottom of my lil' ol' heart.  

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