Monday, October 8, 2012

And I STEEL Like It

Last night I headed over to Donald's spot to catch the all-black cast remake of one of my fave plays:  STEEL MAGNOLIAS.  Before the telefilm began, we feasted on one of his fave concoctions:  stir-fried vegetables, pasta and tuna.  Believe it or not, the dish tastes pretty good.  Anyway, for the most part, I was pleased with what I saw.  No, the modern script didn't move me like the original, stage production, but it kept my rapt attention nonetheless.  Kudos to Queen Latifah for producing a piece of quality work that a black actor/actress isn't too embarrassed to tell his/her grandmother to watch!  Yes, Robert Harling's original creation is about people.  Doesn't matter their race.  It's high time black writers create work that does the same.  Heck, I'm a writer, so I reckon I should write a solution to the problem instead of simply talking about it.  Point self-taken!

Before Steel Magnolias' broadcast, Lifetime featured a series of other predominantly black cast telefilms.  I saw a glimpse of Disappearing Acts and a tale ripped from recent headlines, Abducted, starring Sherri Shepherd.  All in all, the Lifetime Network made me a happy boy!  I look forward to seeing similar programming on other networks as well!

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