Monday, October 8, 2012

Hardy Har Har

Last week was the airing of my horrendous performance on the updated version of the game show, THE PYRAMID.  No, I didn't watch, but I did tell my siblings and a couple of friends to take a gander.  And they all did.  And most of 'em also laughed their butts off!!  My older sister, Honey, laughed so hard at my piss poor play that she cried.  And I'm talkin' real tears of JOY!  Haaaa!  My brother, God bless his lil' ol' heart, told me that I didn't do too badly at all.  What a LIAR!!!  Haa!  Oh, well, I'm simply thankful for the $500 I won and happily look forward to the day it arrives in my mailbox!!!!!  Despite being awful on the show, a part of me still feels ready to take on the next game show!!!  Yep, the eternal optimist am I!  :)

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