Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Model Behavior

Ray Armstrong

Since 2008 I've kept a close eye on the murder trial of former model, Ray Armstrong.  He was arrested back in September of that year for the strangulation murder of one of his close friends.

Ray's account of the evening was that he was ill and went to visit his friend.  He said that at some point, he dozed off in one of the friend's bedrooms and awakened to find the friend attempting to sodomize him.  He told the jury, "I could feel his penis in my butt cheeks."  Then, Ray allegedly fought him off.  So, in essence, he was simply defending himself.  I suspect since Ray's friend was strangled to death, the jury didn't buy his account of self defense.  As of June 2012, Ray was sentenced to a mandatory term of life in a state prison without parole.

What actually took place in that house the world will never know.  But what we do know is that an inarguably attractive, young man murdered another man.  And that he's paying the penultimate price: life in prison.  Unfortunately, his "friend" paid the ultimate price: death.



  1. Used to see him on ModelMayhem. Often wondered about his sexuality and how confident he was about it. Too bad. A tragedy all around. Homophobia sucks, especially the self inflicted variety.

    BTW i am at

  2. He was a great dude never no problems i just received a letter from him he seems to be doing well hopefully they can overturn his life in prison

  3. Send me his mailing address, please. I'd like to send him a letter.

  4. I remember when that jackass tried to break the windows out of my car...

    1. Why do you think he attempted to do that?

  5. I suspect people wouldn't be asking for his jail mailing address if he wasn't so good looking. Pathetic

  6. so where can we send hima lettres you suckers???

  7. so where can we send him a letters you suckers???

  8. Anthony was a good friend of mine who would & did do a lot for that guy and he did not deserve to dye.