Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sectional Anonymous

Hello, my name is, CAM Jr, and I'm a sectional sofa addict.  Since the first time I saw one, I have been in love with them.  And I mean darn near rabidly in love.  But what's interesting is, I've never owned one.  Lately, I've been looking at homes for sale so I can have a space large enough to fit a four or five-piece sectional sofa.  Okay, two or three, sectional sofas to be precise.  Ain't that a trip?  Most folks look to buy a home to fit their growing families or for investment purposes.  I want to buy a house to fit one or more ridiculously plush, chenille-covered sectionals.  Yes, I'm very particular about the fabric that'll cover my dream.  Leather is a no-no because it's too cold in the winter and too hot and sticky in the summer.  Corduroy is out!  Not smooth enough. Chenille is simply the perfect blend of everything!  Soft.  Gentle.  Cozy.  Just perfect!  So, chenille, sectional sofa, I'm comin' for you!!!!  And that's what I know for sure!! 

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