Saturday, October 6, 2012

That's What She Said

I used to have a subscription to Oprah's O Magazine.  Back then, I made sure to also send subscriptions to my four sisters and to one of my dearest, female friends.  I haven't subscribed to the magazine for the past, several years, but I think that's gonna change.  When I'm in the supermarket, I find myself choosing the longest check-out line I can find so that I can read as much of the magazine as I can without purchasing it.  Oops, I didn't just admit that, did I?  Yes, I did!  And I ain't ashamed to admit it, either!!

What draws me to the magazine is Oprah's column, What I Know For Sure.  In it, she simply discusses what life lessons she knows for sure.  Simple as that.  It's the first thing in the magazine I read.  And that's funny, 'cause it's the last column/article written in every issue.  Every time I read it, I feel energized in some way.  I feel that she's speaking directly to me.  I reckon that aspect of her person is what has endeared her to so many for so long.  We all feel like we know her.  Although her fortune and stature in this country have grown exponentially since she debuted nationally in '86 or so, I still feel like I know her.  And that's why I'm gonna re-subscribe to her magazine.  That much, I know for sure.   

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