Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cast Away

Lori Openden

Robi Reed

Tonight I attended a discussion with casting executives, Robi Reed (BET) and Lori Openden (The CW).  The discussion was hosted by One Church International in their beautiful Artist Resource Center (ARC).  The place was standing room only.  Since I RSVP'd early, I got a seat, but many others didn't.  Anyway, I could see how thrilled many of the audience members were.  I suspect most of them are new to the Hollywood, acting scene.  Their questions pretty much confirmed my suspicions.  All in all, though, I was happy to be in the midst of so many young, black people who seemingly want to forge showbiz careers in this town.  Admittedly, I suspect 90% of the people in the room will never earn significant livings in front of the camera.  So, I'm hopin' & prayin' those who don't, find satisfying and lucrative careers behind it.  Myself included, thank you very much.

One Church International is indeed a godsend to many of us in North Hollywood.  By this time next month, though, the church will have moved to Los Angeles.  LaBrea Ave at Melrose Ave.  I still plan to attend services on the Sundays I'm not at my volunteer gig.  And as soon as I complete this blog post, I'm gonna go to the church's website to sign up to even be of service during Sunday services.  It's high time I be more than a spectator at church. And in my day-to-day life!  I'm more than able to be a participant.  So, a participant I shall be!!!  I mean, heck, being a participant in anything is where all the fun lives!!! 

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