Sunday, October 7, 2012

There Are No Coincidences

While walking home from my volunteer gig at the assisted living residence today, I was stopped by an attractive, young lady who introduced herself as, Nicole.  She asked me what was printed on my t-shirt.  The t-shirt read:  "I am a Mentor - Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles."  I was also wearing a name badge with my name, of course, and the words: "Sunrise Senior Living."

I explained my former volunteer gig with Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles.  Then, I told her about my current volunteer endeavor with Sunrise Senior Living.  BAM!  Turns out that Nicole has been wondering lately how to marry her fitness training background with helping seniors keep active.  Well, along comes ol' CAM Jr to give her the extra umph to make a move!  I happily told her about Sunrise and encouraged her to contact them to do some volunteer work there, too.  The entire time I talked to her I told her that I was meant to cross her path at the moment I crossed it.  I told her that The Universe obviously wanted to affirm her desire to work with the elderly.  She truly seemed very moved by my testimony about what compelled me to volunteer at the residence.  As I walked away from her, all I could think was, I may not be a hotshot CEO or live in a big house or even own a car, but, at that very moment, I was EVERYTHING Nicole needed. And I added to the fulfillment of my life's purpose:  to be a blessing to others.

I sincerely hope she climbs aboard the volunteering-with-the-elderly train.  It's an eye-opening and satisfying ride if her heart and mind are open.  God bless her.

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