Friday, October 12, 2012

Uppercut, Ohio

The internet is abuzz about a video, featuring a Cleveland, OH bus driver who lands one of the most vicious uppercuts ever seen by man to the unsuspecting chin of a screeching, loud mouth negress!  In fact, the man hit her so hard her "pontytail" fell off.  Haaa!  No, I don't think the incident was funny.  In fact, I know had I been on that bus, I would've felt horrible.  However, I wasn't on the bus, and, based upon what I saw in the video, the young lady looked like she had it comin' to her.  Since the attack, the bus driver has been suspended and the young lady is making the tv interview rounds.  I guarantee you both of them have learned a valuable lesson from this, unfortunate occurrence.  He's learned to let customers talk all they want.  She's learned NEVER to put her hands on a man again.  EVER!!!  Below is the video of the actual encounter and a hilarious review of the fight by one of the funniest, "sassy" fellas I've ever had the privilege of hearing!  Haaaaa!

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