Monday, November 19, 2012

My Truth

A couple of days ago I received an immensely touching Facebook e-mail from a young actor whom I met the first day he visited the church I attend.  We talked a good bit that day.  Since then, he's become a regular at the church and we've talked even more in depth.  Anyway, his Facebook message thanked me for showing such a genuine interest in his acting career and in his overall person.  He said that on the evening he sat next to me during a church sponsored seminar, the woman sitting next to me overheard our conversation and apparently liked what she heard.  Turns out she's a talent agent and has now agreed to sign him as one of her clients.  Yes, this all happened weeks after the event, but it was the conversation she overheard that swayed her to meet with him at her office.  How about that?

Time and time again I question myself and God about my purpose on this planet.  Am I supposed to be a famous performer?  A famous writer?  A famous, talk show host?  What?  As time goes by, I clearly see that helping others realize their dreams is something I'm damn good at!  I helped the young actor.  I help another young actor by reading his sides with him before big auditions.  I'm helping a young, fitness entrepreneur.  I'm helping everybody!  Well, everybody except myself.  Of late, I've let my workout regimen falter.  I've wasted time online that should be used toward getting my writing projects completed.  I seem to be happy helping others until I realize I'm comin' up on the short end of the stick.  Well, I'm making a concerted effort this week to make me my #1 priority.  Even if it just places me an inch and a half in front of the person behind me.  I can't be of much help to others if I'm not living my highest life, too.  Yes, I'll continue sharing what I know with those who are diligently working toward bettering their lives.  But I'm gonna put me in front of them for a change.  I'm gonna make some room for me to exploit my talents, too.  The way I see it, in order to be a blessing, I have to work on my person so that I'm also worthy of being blessed.  Amen.    

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