Thursday, December 6, 2012

Makeup Maestro...Goodbye.

Ross Burton

A day or two ago I heard about the death of a guy who used to work at MACY*S in NYC while I did back in the '90s.  He worked on the first floor, selling cosmetics.  For some strange reason, we didn't seem to hit it off at first.  I mean, I always got the sense there was some underlying tension.  Whenever I was with a friend of his and he walked up, he'd only address our mutual friend.  Oh well, that was then.  We wound up being very friendly with each other as time progressed.  He went on to accomplish great things in the cosmetic industry.  Even becoming Oprah's makeup artist and travelling the world with her.  Now, he's gone.  Is it wrong of me to wonder what caused his death?  It appears the Women's Wear Daily website has an article, explaining it, but I'd have to pay to subscribe to their online publication to read it.  And I'm not doing that, so I think this is God's way of telling me it doesn't matter the cause of his death.  What matters is what he did while he was alive.  And, according to numerous comments about him on various blogs, it appears he positively affected many lives.  God bless you, Ross.  And all those you loved.  And all those who loved you!


  1. Hello, I came to that same conclusion. It sucks that they are desparate for subscriptions to the point that they would make you pay to learn why someone (especially someone I knew and loved) died. Rest in Peace Ross!

  2. Dr. Austin, I wish you the very best with the loss of your beloved friend. I hope and pray Ross's soul is at peace indeed.