Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Meaning Of Christmas

Today I accompanied a group of terrific people to the home of a family in Watts who wrote a letter to a church, asking for help with Christmas gifts for their six children.  Well, someone told me about this endeavor and I agreed to buy items for the oldest kid, who is 13 yrs old.  The kid's family truly seemed deeply appreciative of our efforts.  There were so many gifts that some had to be stacked on their living room furniture, 'cause there was absolutely no room available under the tree.  I hope & pray the children enjoy everything they were given.  I know they're too young to realize that giving is what Christmas is about.  At this age, they just want to receive!  I get that.  Hopefully their parents will remind them in years to come how important it is to give.  As far as I'm concerned, I feel better giving gifts than receiving them.  Yes, I enjoy receiving them, but I feel much, much better about giving them!  God bless that family.  And God bless us for trying to make their Christmas joyous!!!

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