Thursday, December 27, 2012

Vinny! Vinny! Vinny!

Vinny Minton

Vinny Minton working

When I recorded my first, voice-over gig for pay, the young man who worked as my engineer told me about a supremely talented videographer he wanted me to contact.  A young cat named, VINNY MINTON.  He is a former, professional skater.  The engineer figured since Vinny is so in demand for his wedding videography skills, he might need a voice-over artist some day!  Since then, I've become Facebook friends with Vinny and I have to admit, his work is RIDICULOUSLY INCREDIBLE!!!  What amazes me almost as much as his videography skills is the fact that, more oftentimes than not, he films his subjects while rolling around on his inline skates!  Simply PHENOMENAL!!!

Vinny can shoot anything, but his IMPERIAL VIDEO PRODUCTIONS has made quite a name for itself in the Bay area for shooting, modern, wedding videos.  Honestly, the man's skills astound me beyond description.  It boggles my mind that he can shoot a fun, wedding video and edit it the SAME day!  What!!!!!  The young dude is 18 yrs younger than I am and damn near a foot shorter, but because of his talent and work ethic, I sure do look up to him!!!!!

Take a look at one of his most recent, outrageously creative, wedding, music videos:

MARY + VU // SAME DAY EDIT // MUSIC VIDEO from Imperial Productions on Vimeo.

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