Friday, January 11, 2013

Cracked Out

I've decided that 2013 is my year for DOING instead of just OBSERVING!  I've lived far too long without DOING!  CREATING!  So, first up in the month of January is penning a humorous article for the Cracked website!  Yes, their humor leans more toward a sophomoric humor I don't usually embrace, but, dangit, my life needs to be shaken up a bit!  And tackling something new---something I wouldn't ordinarily take on---is the key needed to start up my complacent engine!  I haven't yet decided precisely what I'm going to write.  All I know is that it's NOT gonna be the dark stuff I usually prefer!  It's gonna have a sexual slant!  I like talkin' about sex!  Haaaa!  The wise man knows that the magic doesn't happen until he gets out of his comfort zone.  So, discomfort, come with it!  'Cause this man is determined to make some magic in his life!!!!!!!!!!  

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