Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Light Shineth

During last night's New Year's Eve service, one of the messages from the pastor's sermon that I must keep close to my heart is simply that:  in 2013, this is the year of...
So...this bald, black man MUST live his life in accordance to the honor and integrity I was born to possess.  Before I say anything, I must ask myself, "What is my intention for saying this?"  If the intention isn't to uplift, enlighten or edify, it SHOULDN'T be said.  Before I act, I must ask myself, "If this action was broadcast for the world to see, would I do it?"  If the answer is, no, I can't do it.  In regard to masturbation, folks will simply have to accept the fact that I do it and LOVE it!!!!  #2013istheyearoftruth

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