Sunday, January 20, 2013

Vicious Beasts

Today marks the THIRD time I was ATTACKED on the street by RABID, VICIOUS dogs!!!!!  The first, two instances, they were a pair of Chihuahuas.  WTF!!!  And today?  ANOTHER pair of friggin' Chihuahuas!!!  Only one of them, though, was determined to take me down.  That sucka kept comin' at me despite its female owner trying to shoo the UNLEASHED killer away from me.  But I never kicked the stupid bitch.  I mean, the dog.  Not its owner.  To avoid being bitten, I danced around like Muhammad Ali in his heyday.  Two other people ran out of the house behind the owner to "rescue" me from the dog.  Or the dog from ME!  I was surprised to see who one of those people was.  Yep...SOUL MAN!!!!!!

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