Thursday, January 24, 2013

What About Lil' Ol' Me?

In March, Tyshawn is flying to Brazil, then off to Argentina.  This week, Vinny is in New Orleans, shooting something Super Bowl related.  Mary Jo just started her new job at Fox Studios this week.  Mikel's first on-air feature on The Steve Harvey Show is televised today or tomorrow.  Honestly, it appears that everybody and their mama are moving forward in their lives.  And then there's lil' ol' me.  Yes, I'm doing some things lately that I haven't done in ages, which could propel me forward, but, dangit, it appears that progress is just takin' its sweet, lil' time!  But as the wise man knows, all good things occur in their own time.  Um...I mean, GOD's time!  So, keep workin'.  That's all a brotha can do!!!!!!

In regard to frettin' about keepin' up with the Joneses?????

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