Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII Winner Is...

BEYONCÉ!!!!!!  Her explosive, high energy, half time show was off the charts!  It had fireworks, thousands of lights and girls, girls, girls!!!  I personally knew of two guys who were there to provide background support for her, but men weren't visible on that stage.  Only the women.  And lots of 'em!

One of my favorite highlights was seeing Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, her Destiny's Child cohorts, literally pop up onto the stage from...well, from somewhere well below the stage!  Kelly looked PHENOMENAL!  And I mean, ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL!  Michelle looked terrific, too!  I just wish Kelly and Michelle's mics were louder.  Much louder.  Seeing the ladies back together, though, was a treat for their fans, I'm sure.  I just liked lookin' at 'em.

Almost immediately after the half time extravaganza, the power in the stadium died.  I betcha Bey and "her people" were verrrrrrrrrry happy it died AFTER her performance!  You talk about great timing!  Now, I'm reading that there might not be a half time show next year because the game will be played in New Jersey's outdoor stadium and it will undoubtedly be too dang cold to do much of ANYTHING there.  Well, time will tell.

All in all, Mrs. Carter performed one heck of a show!  She's the consummate professional.  And, yes, I've read online any number of complaints about her performance, but I assure you, not ONE person who dissed her would be able to have replaced her and been as captivating.  For some reason, I just feel 100% confident about that assertion!

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