Friday, March 8, 2013

Deviant Art

Art is a beautiful, beautiful thing.  What inspires some might disgust others!  Well, good ol' Facebook introduced me to this artist's outstanding artistry!  His name is, Evan Campbell.  And I suspect he has one hell of an imagination!  He refers to this sculpture as, "Funeral Meat."  He describes it this way:

"[This is a] carcass I sculpted and painted made out of gelatin.  It is the same type of gelatin used for making Jello but has a stronger tear strength -- similar to Gummie Bears.  Roma Plastalina clay sculpture, 3-piece Ultracal 30 plaster mold, cast in gelatin and airbrushed with acrylic, adhesive paints."

Freakin' PHENOMENAL!!!  And looks kinda tasty, too!  :)

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