Sunday, March 24, 2013


Today I had a pretty darn good day at my volunteer gig with the elderly.  At lunch, I sat with one of my usual, ol' gals and met two, new ladies.  My usual gal is having memory issues, but the two, new dames were sharp.  I enjoyed talking with all of them.  I try to be helpful during lunch by filling and refilling water and coffee cups.  In fact, when I arrive to the dining room, I walk from table to table filling glasses so I can have some kind of interaction with everybody.  One of only three black residents wasn't there today.  I would have sat with her.  She's in the hospital, I believe, being evaluated to see if she can still live in the home.  Turns out she walked out of the home a week or so ago and could have gotten herself injured.  Her memory isn't the best, so she's being checked out to see if she needs to be in a place more supervised.  I wish her the best, 'cause based upon everything I've read about her online, she sure was one heck of a lady!!!

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