Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ephraim Sykes...Dance!

Ephraim Sykes

A couple of nights ago I watched a film called, LEAVE IT ON THE FLOOR.  I had heard about it a year or so ago, but had never gotten around to seeing it.  Well, now, I have.  When it started, I stopped it within ten minutes and thought, this isn't for me.  The next day, I found myself sitting in front of the computer and decided to give the film one more look-see.  Honestly, I'm glad I did.  'Cause I wound up truly enjoying the performance of one of the leads, EPHRAIM SYKES.

After googling Ephraim, I see that he is a seasoned, Broadway performer.  So that means that really was his own singing voice used in the film.  I know it was his own, terrific dancing.  I sent him a Facebook message, telling him how much I enjoyed his performance.  I've received no response, but, you know what?  I didn't send it for a response.  I sent it simply to tell him the good feeling I got from watching him.  God bless him.  I look forward to seeing whatever he does next.

 EPHRAIM (Solo Dance)

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