Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Damn You, Tennessee Williams!

I will not spend what's left of my life CHASING after money.

I will not spend what's left of my life WORRYING about money.

My dilemma, however, is that, at damn near 50 yrs old, I have yet to earn ENOUGH money doing what I enjoy most.  That would be eating talking to people I know and people I don't, as myself.  You know, what Oprah does.  And Ellen.  And Leno.  And Letterman.  And a host of others.  Unlike them, though, I haven't made a "name" for myself in another realm, which could allow me to transition smoothly into what I know I was born to do:  TALK.

Well, at this very moment in time, my heart's still beating properly.  And my mind is still working properly.  And my arms, eyes, ears, legs, mouth and hands work properly.  So, I can still turn things around.  I can still search hither, thither and yond to persuade somebody to pay me for talking as CAM Jr!!!!  Although it might not readily appear so, I still wholeheartedly believe the adage:

That said, tomorrow is a new day.  So a new attack is in order!  'Cause, truth be told, I'm at a psychological place where I'm praying...

And it doesn't help that I'm well aware of Tennessee Williams's famous quote:

"You can be young without money, but you can't be old without it."

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