Thursday, June 27, 2013

He Said, She Should Have Said

I know Paula is in self-preservation mode now and can't think clearly when she's asked questions by reporters, but oh how I wish she had turned the table on Matt Lauer yesterday morning when he asked her about saying, "nigger," 30 years ago.  I wish she had the forethought to ask HIM:  "Have YOU ever used that word in reference to a black person?  Have you ever heard your MOTHER or your FATHER or your GRANDMOTHER or GRANDFATHER use it?"

The hypocrisy of this whole debacle is almost LAUGHABLE to me!  I know in the confines of my own home I have heard AND SAID some pretty HORRIFIC statements against others.  I'm SURE I'm NOT ALONE!  Nor is Paula.

I'd LOVE to give her a big ol' HUG!

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