Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Favorite Time Of The Year --- E3 Entertainment Expo!

It's BAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!  And tomorrow night, it's over!  :(

For the past, three years I've looked forward to working for Disney at The Los Angeles Convention Center during the colossal E3 Entertainment Expo!  I just LOVE it!  This year, I'm working in the Disney Infinity area, helping folks get photos taken in Cinderella's carriage (which just happens to have monster truck tires on it these days)!

Working this event isn't working for me.  It's simply me being me.  A fella who absolutely loves meeting new people.  I actually upset some dude today, but God knows my intention came from a place of love, so what will be, will be.  Heck, tonight I even washed the two shirts I received from Disney to wear during the event, because I plan to give away one of them tomorrow!  I'm sure one of the expo's patrons will appreciate it!  See, a brotha sure loves to make others feel good!  :)

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