Sunday, August 4, 2013


The Dexter Jackson Classic - 8/3/2013

NPC Los Angeles Championships - 7/20/2013

My boy, STEFAN WILLIAMS (yellow board shorts), competed in his second physique contest yesterday---The Dexter Jackson Classic: NPC National Qualifying Competition.  He finished 2nd in his class.  On July 20th, he competed in his first physique contest, NPC Los Angeles Championships, and walked away with two 1st place trophies and one 2nd place.  So, I'd say this physique thing is workin' out for him.  But the fierce competitor he is wasn't completely satisfied with yesterday's 2nd place win.  So, I believe he's back "in the lab" workin' to grab another 1st place honor in the next competition he decides to enter!

Hey, to my eyes, whether he wins or doesn't win ('cause there's no such thing as "losing" if you dare to participate in anything), he's ALWAYS a WINNER!!!  His motto is "Next Level Up."  And that's precisely where he's going!

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