Sunday, December 8, 2013

Good Night, Michael

Michael Maddox

Today was the passing of fashion show producer and runway instructor MICHAEL MADDOX.  I have never actually met him, but once, I sent him an e-mail, telling him how much I enjoyed watching a YouTube video of him and a group of young models he had helped put on the road to realizing their professional dreams.  I recall he sent me back a polite note and that was that.

Since my e-mail to him, though, I have heard some not-so-flattering things about him and have read some really incredible tributes to him posted to his Facebook page.  So, whatever the real story is, I hope and pray his transition into "The Other" world was painless.  Cancer is what took him outta here.  What a wicked, wicked disease.

Anyway, I hope those who loved him will find some peace in his being spared from any more pain and suffering.  All deaths aren't tragic.  They're simply inescapable.

God rest his soul.  He was born the same year as I.

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