Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Daddy's Little Girl

Yesterday, my brother sent me a video he made for his daughter, and I have to admit, I was so moved by it I watched it a DOZEN times.  I even paused the video at every photograph so I could see them in detail.  Honestly, watching it made me think, if only for a moment, that my life would could be so much richer if I had at least one child.  Perhaps not having one is why I've always volunteered with children throughout my adult life.  Well, now I'm volunteering with the elderly, but truth be told, many of them are just like children.  Haaa!  After seeing the video he made for his wife, then this one, I suspect the young fella is feeling pretty dang happy about the love he shares with two of the most important women in his life.

God bless 'em all!!!!

The video tribute to his beautiful wife, TERRI.


  1. These truly are beautiful tributes. As I age, I've noticed that cherishing people whom we deeply love just gets to me. BRAVO to you for making these videos!