Thursday, March 20, 2014

Expect The Unexpected

On my mother's birthday, March 17th, one of my cousins passed away.  He thought he was experiencing an asthma attack and went to the hospital.  Turns out he was having a heart attack, instead, and wound up dying.  He was 52 years old.

Unless we take our own lives, we never know when The Grim Reaper will be making an appearance.  And, truth be told, I don't wanna know!  I wanna do at least ONE thing each day that brings me JOY.  Something that makes me feel good about being ALIVE.  That could mean breaking bread with a friend or family member, watching a tv show or film, watching a live performance by a singer I like, a host of different activities.  The main thing, though, is that the activity bring me JOY.

I hope and pray wherever my cousin's soul now resides, it's resting PEACEFULLY.  'Cause if he didn't experience enough peace on earth, I sure hope he is doing so now in HEAVEN.

I pray for everyone and everything.


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