Friday, March 28, 2014

Funny Girl


Social media has done it again!  It has introduced me to someone who appears to be FUNNY, WITTY, LOVING, KIND and HELLA COMPASSIONATE!

Her name is, MAYSOON ZAYID.

MAYSOON is of Palestinian descent and is a terrific comic!  Two months ago she delivered a PHENOMENAL TED Talk.  It's that talk that I've embedded below.  Simply BRILLIANT!  At the talk's conclusion, I literally stood up and gave her a standing ovation!  In my BEDROOM!  

MAYSOON made a point that I've never considered.  She said that if a wheelchair user can't play Beyoncé in a film, why should Beyoncé be able to play  one of them?  Makes complete sense.  I love how truly listening to someone can enlighten our thinking.

What a CLASS ACT!!!!  I hope to hear TONS more from her in the days, months, years to come!

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