Sunday, March 2, 2014

Here Comes The Rain Again

Ahhhh, the past couple of days have been PURE ECSTASY because it's been RAINING here in Southern California!!!!  YIPPEE!!!!!

Honestly, other than food, I don't love ANYTHING like I love rain!  I've been walking around in it the past couple days and I've LOVED it!  Heck, my socks are STILL damp!!!!  I pulled out my big, black LUGZ boots to walk around!  Here in North Hollywood, there's NO SUCH THING as DRAINAGE, so everywhere I walked I was dang near KNEE-DEEP in puddles!  And that was A-okay with me!!!!!

Tonight, I'm gonna listen to this thunderstorm video as I sleep!

Ooh, I can't wait!!!!  :)

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