Sunday, May 4, 2014

Take 2

Today marks the filming of my 2nd and 3rd short films with the outrageously talented folks over at Front Seat Chronicles!

I'm proud of both scripts we'll be filming:  Carbon Copy and Late Night Creep.  I've only met one of the actors of the four performing today.  So, it'll be a hoot to meet the others.

I have yet to direct any of my scripts, but in time, I will.  Until then, I completely trust my chosen director, Allen L. Sowelle, to get the best performances out of the actors and to shoot the film with his incredible eye for story.

As soon as these films are edited and scored, I'll post them for the world to see.  And I'll take them to Dave Brown's Indie Night in Hollywood.  Well, I hope to anyway.  Dave hasn't yet confirmed my first film, 1st Grade Picture, will be shown.  But I'm optimistic it will be!

I'm sooooo excited!

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