Friday, May 23, 2014

There's NO Business Like SHOW Business!


This kid is goin' places in this crazy business called, SHOW.

He stepped in front of a photographer's camera for the FIRST time back in January 2013.

He then went on to grace the cover of a print publication.

Then I had him featured on ESSENCE Online.

After ESSENCE came his turn as a contestant on America's Next Top Model.

And NOW...well, NOW, he's bracing himself for the BIGGEST showbiz experience of his LIFE!  He will be co-starring in a new series that shoots in Atlanta.  Yes, a new series created, written and directed by Mr. Tyler Perry.

The kid truly is a NATURAL!  He LOOKS GREAT!  He has a GREAT PERSONALITY.  I mean, he was simply MADE for HOLLYWOOD!  

I HOPE and PRAY that while his AMBITION and TALENT take him as HIGH as the SUN and MOON, his FEET remain planted FIRMLY on SOLID GROUND!!!!!!!

I LOVE the kid!  


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