Friday, June 20, 2014

Goodbye, Aunt Margaret

Today, my father's 77-yr-old baby sister, AUNT MARGARET, lost her life because a careless driver drove through a red light and crashed into the side of her vehicle.  She is survived by her husband (who was also in the car and is recovering in the hospital), five children and a host of grandchildren.

What gets me is that yesterday, she was doing whatever she was doing and all was well in the world.  Then, today, it's all over.  That's the way life goes.

So, let me get out of this apartment and march myself up to the park to exercise.

Let me polish up the one-page monologue I'm writing to be filmed by a couple of young filmmakers.

Let me reach out to someone I love and simply check up on him/her.

Let me simply give GRATITUDE for being ALIVE.  And WELL.

Goodbye, Aunt Margaret.  Everybody who was blessed to have ever spent time in your presence is all the happier for it.


Aunt Margaret Elery and Uncle Birdie

See the news report about the car wreck below:
Two Injured In Lexington Crash |

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