Thursday, July 31, 2014

Things To Do List

When you do the FORMER, the RESULT is the LATTER.

So, I have an original TV series to write.

So let it be WRITTEN.

So let it be DONE!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Me, Me, Me

I have this strong desire to be a blessing to everybody.  Honestly, I fantasize about being in a position to help everybody realize their goals.

Everybody except ME.

I find that I spend tons of time working toward bettering others' lives.  And when I look at my own life, I see that it doesn't nearly appear as inviting as those I assist.

Not nearly.

I've gotta  pay heed to what flight attendants tell passengers during every flight:  put my OWN oxygen mask on FIRST!

THEN...assist others.

'Cause, truth be told, I CANNOT assist others if I have NO oxygen myself.

So, tomorrow, EVERYTHING I do will be done for ME!!!  And ONLY ME!

'Cause, truth be told, I desire MANY of the experiences I help others attain.

Let me sing my new musical scale:  Do, Re, ME, ME, ME!!!!!  :)

Friday, July 25, 2014



The INCOMPARABLE musician, DEVAN DMARCUS (aka "3-D", aka DEVAN DUNSON), has released a new single, CUT BEFORE I LEAVE, that is as COOL and as HIP and as SEXY as HE is!  Hell, his track, AIN'T COOL, is HOT AS FIRE, too!!!!!  Devan's swag reminds me of a young D'Angelo, except he raps and spits spoken word instead of singing.  And he sports long locs instead of cornrows!

Overt masculinity oozes from every pore on his body.  He's not the biggest guy in terms of stature, but his presence is so dang IMMENSE one would think he could EASILY take down a 7 ft tall Goliath in a single rhyme!

DEVAN, I HEAR you!  I SEE you!  I FEEL you!  And I hope and pray to continue being a BLESSING to you!!!

Check out the rest of DEVAN's music HERE!
And his Instagram HERE!
And his ESSENCE Online pictorial HERE!

ALL photos by James C. Lewis for Noire3000 | N3K Studios

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Act God, The Veil - Part I


I can think of only ONE word to describe what I witnessed last night as actor/writer SCOTT ST. PATRICK WILLIAMS performed his PHENOMENAL one-man show, ACT GOD The Veil -- Part I...

When I say, PHENOMENAL, I believe that word is an UNDERSTATEMENT for the PURE FIRE Scott blessed the STANDING ROOM ONLY crowd with during his performance!  Yes, I could say that the overall theme of the performance was, in essence, a man's conversation with God.  But, man, this show packed soooo much MORE than that!  Its dissection of male/female courtship was simply OUTSTANDING!  And the section where an older brother looks out for his younger brother illustrates that we all SHOULD be our brother's keeper.  And keepers of OUR OWN well-being, too.  

I suspect a few moments in the show went over a LOTTA heads!  'Cause, some of it sure had me asking myself, "What in the world is he talking about?"  One particular moment was when he gave voice to an urban street/drug culture I simply don't know.  His rapid-fire delivery was a mix of spoken word and dialogue.  And filled with PASSION, PASSION, PASSION!  Honestly, his performance was soooooooooo RIVETING I couldn't take my eyes off him!  And I found myself listening more intently than ever, 'cause if you missed ONE word, you may have missed a LESSON!  And I say lesson 'cause Scott was there to TEACH!

After his curtain call, I stuck around so I could speak with him.  I told him what I truly felt:  his show BELONGS at NYC's Public Theater!  No, I'm no longer a manger, but damn, I just HAVE to look into HOW to get the show there!  I just HAVE to!  It's THAT POWERFUL!  And that BRILLIANT!

If what I saw last night is Part I, only GOD knows what Scott has up his sleeve for Part II!  But, what I know for sure, is that, if I'm still BREATHING, I'll BE there to find out!!!!!!!!!!!!

BRAVO, Scott St. Patrick Williams!  BRAVO!!!!

Scene from "Act God, The Veil - Part I"

Friday, July 18, 2014

Isn't It Ironic?

If only Mr. African anti-gay advocate understood the IRONY of his message.

Haaaaaaaaaaa!  :)

So Help Me, God

Question: You know how to make a small fortune in filmmaking?
Answer: You start out with a large fortune.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

"Jackie Harris"


I just returned from the grocery store, and, I tell ya, livin' here in L.A. sure has its perks!  While in the store, I chatted up "Jackie Harris."  Who, you ask?  None other than ridiculously talented actress, LAURIE METCALF, of my all-time favorite television show, ROSEANNE.  That's right, Roseanne's sister, JACKIE!

Anyway, Laurie was with her tall 14-year-old son, Donovan, and I stopped and chatted 'em up about his height.  They were both very sweet and friendly.  A part of me wanted to tell her how much I loved her performance on ROSEANNE, but I didn't want to possibly be a bother, so I said nothing about the show.

When I went to check out, the guy ahead of me told me he wanted to take a photo with her.  I told him I just wouldn't bother anyone with that kind of request.  I think I saw him waiting outside the grocery store to "run into" her when she exits.  Well, whatever works for him.

I'm simply happy to have spoken with her and her son.  I hope they could read my happiness in my face and in my actions.  'Cause goodness knows, I was truly HAPPY to have seen them.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Rational Thought


Cuban artist and sculptor, YOAN CAPOTE, sure knows how to depict we MALES' "RATIONAL THOUGHT."

Read about the sculptor HERE!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Ahhh, my MANTRA!

In 50 years on this planet, THIS...I know FOR SURE.

Monday, July 7, 2014


I simply wanna ALERT folks before ish pops off!  :) :) :)

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Doggone 4th Of July!

Independence Day is upon us again!  And, no, I'm not talkin' that old Will Smith movie!!  Lol!

Whatever you do today, be mindful of where your dogs are during the launching of fireworks, because that loud noise frightens the heck out of them.

Way back when, my family lost our gorgeous German Shepherd, APOLLO, on July 4th.  He ran away because of all the loud fireworks!  We never saw him again.

We learned the hard way that we should have brought him into the house until all the craziness had subsided.

Now, we know!  And so do YOU!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Money Can't Buy Me...

And in the wintertime, you CAN'T wear it on your back for WARMTH, either!