Sunday, July 20, 2014

Act God, The Veil - Part I


I can think of only ONE word to describe what I witnessed last night as actor/writer SCOTT ST. PATRICK WILLIAMS performed his PHENOMENAL one-man show, ACT GOD The Veil -- Part I...

When I say, PHENOMENAL, I believe that word is an UNDERSTATEMENT for the PURE FIRE Scott blessed the STANDING ROOM ONLY crowd with during his performance!  Yes, I could say that the overall theme of the performance was, in essence, a man's conversation with God.  But, man, this show packed soooo much MORE than that!  Its dissection of male/female courtship was simply OUTSTANDING!  And the section where an older brother looks out for his younger brother illustrates that we all SHOULD be our brother's keeper.  And keepers of OUR OWN well-being, too.  

I suspect a few moments in the show went over a LOTTA heads!  'Cause, some of it sure had me asking myself, "What in the world is he talking about?"  One particular moment was when he gave voice to an urban street/drug culture I simply don't know.  His rapid-fire delivery was a mix of spoken word and dialogue.  And filled with PASSION, PASSION, PASSION!  Honestly, his performance was soooooooooo RIVETING I couldn't take my eyes off him!  And I found myself listening more intently than ever, 'cause if you missed ONE word, you may have missed a LESSON!  And I say lesson 'cause Scott was there to TEACH!

After his curtain call, I stuck around so I could speak with him.  I told him what I truly felt:  his show BELONGS at NYC's Public Theater!  No, I'm no longer a manger, but damn, I just HAVE to look into HOW to get the show there!  I just HAVE to!  It's THAT POWERFUL!  And that BRILLIANT!

If what I saw last night is Part I, only GOD knows what Scott has up his sleeve for Part II!  But, what I know for sure, is that, if I'm still BREATHING, I'll BE there to find out!!!!!!!!!!!!

BRAVO, Scott St. Patrick Williams!  BRAVO!!!!

Scene from "Act God, The Veil - Part I"

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